Spend June 20-26, 2021 at Maryville College in Maryville, TN improving your songwriting skills with award winning songwriter Donna Ulisse. Only fifteen students are allowed in the class to give each student the time and attention they deserve. 

Bring paper and pen or your laptop and whatever tools you use to write as well as the instrument you write with. (if you focus mainly on lyrics and don’t play an instrument that is fine) 

The workshop is part of Steve Kaufman’s Acoustic Camp Bluegrass Week.

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Unlike an instrument jam camp where a musician may jump from one instructor to another playing different instruments, the songwriter’s workshop at the Strawberry Jam Camp requires a commitment as the workshop covers a large amount of material that will not be repeated as the workshop continues. The goal of the workshop is to have you write a song with the oversight of your instructors, using the tools learned during the workshop.

When you spend a few days in a songwriting workshop with Donna, Rick & Jerry you will cover a lot of ground! Beginning songwriters to seasoned songwriters are welcome! The workshop offers the following and more:

Song Critique: Bring a song you would like to share. It can be partially formed or complete. You can perform it in front of the class or just read the lyrics if there is no melody. Donna, Rick, and Jerry will share their insight on the strong parts of your song and areas you might be able to strengthen. If you do not have a song, you can participate by listening to the songs and suggestions.

Song Structure: The workshop will be covering song structure including rhyme patterns, what a “hook” is, titling your song, how to tighten your lyrics, using imagery in your lyrics for more interest, metering, song scaping (how to observe life around you for song ideas), marrying a lyric to the right melody, writing melody (if you don’t play an instrument), what is a bridge and when does a song need one, and so much more.

Co-writing: Many songwriters who attend a songwriting workshop have never co-written. Jerry, Rick, and Donna will pair you up with another songwriter and give you a writing assignment. You will work on co-writing a song with your instructors offering insight and some assistance along the way. Co-writing is an extremely useful tool to grow as a songwriter and helps you step out of your comfort zone.

 Be sure to bring paper and pencil, laptop or any writing tools you use as well as the instrument you write with. 

Q & A Time: There will be plenty of time for questions if they don’t cover something you need help on.

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