Songwriting Workshops in the Lil House

An Invitation from Donna Ulisse, Jerry Salley & Rick Stanley

Teaching songwriting workshops across the country these past few years has become a great passion for my husband Rick Stanley, my dear friend and co-writer Jerry Salley and myself, Donna Ulisse. In an effort to continue to help songwriters improve their skills we have decided to offer an exclusive opportunity to actually sit and co-write with pro writers in a homey, inspirational setting complete with a field of goats and some comfort food prepared by me and Rick. We are opening our wee farm up to give folks a taste of where and how we create music. The incredible bonus of Jerry Salley’s talent makes this a must do weekend.

The Little House Workshops will be offering limited seating (6-8 students maximum) for a two-day workshop/tri-writing session. We will be pairing two students with one pro writer for a tri-write. At the end of the two days it is our hope that you will walk away with a songs tri-written with one of the pro-writers and ready for commercial exposure. However, there is no guarantee that a song will be completed on your first visit though it will not be for lack of trying. Learning through example and personal involvement with a pro-writer is like pole-vaulting to the next stage in songwriting. The collaborations will be fun and a true taste of what real Nashville co-writing is all about.

Enrollment will consist of a $675.00 fee per student for the Saturday and Sunday two-day experience. The tuition will include lunches and dinners, snacks, coffee, water, tea, beer and wine for the evenings. We will also be providing a taste of a songwriting round on Saturday evening. The writing days will start at 10:00am – 5:00pm on Saturday and 9:30am – 5:30pm on Sunday when we break for dinner and give each attendee the opportunity to write with all 3 pro writers. Because we are only offering a limited number of seats at each workshop, your fee will be non-refundable. To book this weekend event please call 615-509-4556!

We ask that you come with a song that you have previously written for a full critique and song ideas for the tri-writing sessions. It helps greatly if you bring 3 copies of the lyric of the song you wish us to critique.

There is plenty of lodging to choose from, ranging from $45.00 to $145.00. They are located off of I40, exit #238 in Lebanon, Tennessee. Below is a list of some of these Inns. If you choose hotels from this location we will shuttle you from the hotels to the Little House and back to your lodgings at the end of the day for no charge. If you are flying to this workshop we can provide a ride to and from the airport to the lodging area listed above and a guitar for you to use so that you don’t have to worry with an instrument. These are all very closely located to restaurants and the Premium Outlet Mall. If you are looking for a fun way to get to Broadway in downtown Nashville where there is LOTS of great music, the Hall of Fame and plenty of good food, the Music City Star train station is also close, an Uber ride away.

FOOD: Menu items we might choose to prepare are; Roast Beef, gravy, potatoes, carrots and onion in a roasting pan Beans (pinto and white beans) Cornbread Green beans cooked in real butter Turnip greens done right Butter Beans cooked in real butter Fried Green tomatoes Chicken and Dumplings from scratch made with buttermilk Baked Chicken and gravy Italian food ala Donna! Hotdogs and Chili Sandwiches Homemade chicken salad Soups of all kinds If you have a dietary restriction please let us know and we will have salad greens and baked potatoes available. We will also have Greek yogurts, energy bars and snacks available as writing can be hard work and we will need to keep you strength up! The adult beverages will most likely be good old USA domestic beers and Chianti, chardonnay and Merlot for wine selections. These will be reserved for our Saturday night picking and grinning event.
With only six seats offered it will be first come, first served. We are using the Big Lots quote and saying, “When they’re gone, they’re gone!” Come join us on the farm and see where your song will lead you! Call us to book at 615-509-4556 or email
Peace, Rick Stanley, Jerry Salley and Donna Ulisse

•To be announced soon

For more info or to book your seat:

Call 615-509-4556

Email: donnaulisse(at)

Lodging located near the Little House Workshops with shuttle service provided are:
•La Quinta Inn and Suites ($95.00 per night) 615-470-1001 Lebanon, TN
•Comfort Suites (($99.00 per night) 615-443-0027 Lebanon, TN
•Knights Inn ($43.00 per night) 615-449-2900 Lebanon, TN
•Holiday Inn Express ($130.00 per night) 615-994-3225 Lebanon, TN
•Econo Lodge ($54.00 per night) 615-444-1001 Lebanon, TN
•Ramada Inn ($59.00 per night) 615-444-5400 Lebanon, TN
•Days Inn ($54.00 per night) 615-449-5781 Lebanon, TN
Workshop Itinerary

10:00-10:30 meet and greet
10:30-11:30 condensed instruction on co-writing
11:30-1:00 song critiques (15 minutes per song)
1:00-2:00 lunch
2:00-5:30 first co-writing block consists of 2 attendees with pro writer #1
5:30-6:00 cocktails and appetizers
6:00-7:00 dinner 7:00-9:00 pickin’ party/song round
9:30-10:00 Coffee and recap on previous day
10:00-1:00 2nd co-writing block consists of 2 attendees with pro writer #2
1:00-2:00 heavy lunch/dinner because of folks who need to depart right after the workshop ends
2:00-5:00/5:30 3rd co-writing block consists of 2 attendees with pro writer #3
5:30 recap on Sundays process and dismiss